About Us

                  For the production of lamella and veneer “UKRLISPARTNERSHIP” uses  roundwood assortments such species as oak, maple, ash, hornbeam and other.

                 Manufacture of sliced veneer and lamella are carried out by slicing blanks – timbers. For the production of lamella and veneer the company uses the best raw materials of such wood species: oak, maple, ash and others.

                  Preparation of raw materials for cutting for production of lamella and veneer starts with sawing workable timber which includes marking and cutoff turning with removal of defective spots.

                  Cross cutting is done with portable electric or mechanized saws. The blanks are subjected to longitudinal cutting to get timbers and this choice is determined by the possibility of obtaining the maximum yield of veneer and lamella with the given texture.

                  After cutting timber the blanks are hydrothermally treated to increase plasticity of the wood when cutting it. Time, which blanks spend in the water, depends on the wood species and the desired thickness of veneer and lamella.

                  The material is sent to the planing machines after it.

         Planing is the process of cross cutting of wood with trajectory in the form of a straight line. This produces sheets of lamella and veneer with beautiful texture. Our production uses a horizontal scheme of planing of the blank.

                  In horizontal scheme of planing of the blank cutting movement is performed with a knife in the horizontal plane at an angle to the fibers to reduce the cutting force.

                  Veneer and lamella are desiccated with special vacuum drying equipment. Than products are distributed by size, classes, and packed up. After it they are sent to the warehouse in awaiting transportation.